SpectraQ specializes in measuring and recording RF signals and spectrum -- in the air and on the ground. 

Our unique focus leverages our combined capabilities and expertise to include:

  • High speed RF recording, measuring and analyzing up to 8GHz
  • Emission source geolocation
  • Ultra-wide spectrum sampling -- up to 1GHz
  • Multiple parallel tuners, up to 32 per 1GHz
  • Fully automated tunable preselection and linear signal buffering
  • Custom RF hardware design for high-performance RF application demands
  • Custom software design for complete applications support
  • Flight testing of custom Pods provided by our customers
  • Applications and Systems consulting to support our wide range of service applications

Whether your RF Spectrum testing and profiling needs are in the air or on the ground, we can capture, record, analyze, and source-geolocate for you!

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